Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Story and My Ingredients for Success

Hello everyone. My name is Jeff Shwom and I am the development assistant at Common Threads. I joined the Common Threads staff in December, though I am not longer the newest employee. When I moved to Chicago in October 2010, I had been exploring non profits that worked with children and food. I had worked for a food organization in Washington DC that trained adults (actually, ex convicts and individuals who got into trouble with the law) to prepare and cook food. Common Threads had a unique environment that I was interested in: younger children, local and involved chefs, and fresh ingredients…What could be better!

I have made a personal commitment to my health and healthy eating. I cook probably 6 nights of the week and always bring my lunch (ask my co workers!). I have food that by coming home and focusing on my meals, I am eating healthier foods and enjoying what I eat. That is why I like Common Threads…it engages students and families in the family meal. It brings suggestions to them on how to make good food and learn about cultures at the same time. I myself have tried in my own test kitchen our recipes and let me tell you, they are easy, great, and healthy!

Well, I hope my enthusiasm, which comes from a more indirect service perspective being development, can explain how Common Threads has impacted me thus far.

One final thought for everyone: if an average joe like myself can cook recipes and be happy, then anyone can. So go for it!

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