Monday, June 28, 2010

Jai Caldwell - Her Story

Ten-year-old Jai challenges anyone who doubts her new culinary prowess to taste for them self. I’ll give them a sample of my food, and then see if they still don’t think Common Threads taught me how to cook.”
Since starting Common Threads, Jai is a frequent contributor to family meals, helping her mom sauté chicken and standing at the ready to add ingredients.
“I have to monitor my spice cabinet now because she experiments,” says Jai’s mom, LaVonnyah. “My red wine vinegar disappears quickly, but I don’t mind because she loves what des does. Commons Threads is a treasure and I proud to say my daughter attended the program.”
Jai admits that she’s changed a lot since participating in Common Threads. “Before I stated, I was very uncultured. Common Threads has made me more open as a person,” she says. “I also can as well as my mom, now”

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