Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Volunteer Spotlight--Diane Heffernan

Diane Heffernan says her favorite thing about volunteering is sharing her enthusiasm she has for food and cooking with kids. We can honestly tell you that our kids feel her enthusiasm every week. Diane has volunteered with Common Threads for the past 4 years. She has taught numerous kids how to mince, dice and sauté. She has “traveled” with them to Italy, China and Spain.

She feels strongly about educating kids about nutrition and diet and loves that Common Threads introduces the students to food from around the world. “What is created during class is a sense of accomplishment, teamwork, friendships, enthusiasm, laughter and “imprint” of healthy eating to share with their family and friends,” says Diane. We could not say it better ourselves.
Common Threads is beyond thankful for Diane’s support and dedication!

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  1. I love this notion of allowing them to "travel" via cooking the cuisines of other countries. Food is an open door to the rest of the world. Bravo to you, Karen!