Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Bitter Sweet Ending

by: Katharine Brauschweiger

First and foremost I would like to thank the staff at Common Threads for welcoming me with open arms and warm hearts to be a part of their staff. I enjoyed every minute of being an intern at Common Threads. At age 18 I was not really sure what to expect from an internship but whatever my expectations may have been, Common Threads surpassed them tremendously. I enjoyed every minute of being an intern with Common Threads. Working in the office allowed me to learn about the non-profit sector and observe business relationships prosper. Each staff member taught me a different aspect of Public Relations, making me confident in my chosen major. It also assured me, when I graduate I want to continue to work in the non-profit district. I always looked forward to coming into the office because everyone always had cheery faces and positive attitudes which made all the difference. The relationships I formed with the staff members are stronger than I could have ever imagined and I learned a lot from them personally and professionally.

Summer camp was also a blast to partake in. I was absolutely blown away at how much the children knew about the preparation of food and the cuisine they were cooking.Embarrassing as it is, I must admit, I had not tasted Tofu until I went to the Common Threads summer camp and a group of children ranging from 8-12 chopped it up and served it to me in a Chinese soup. I was thoroughly impressed how well the children took direction and followed the recipe; something I still struggle with til this day. The camp counselors were very patient with the kids and stressed that they took their time and prepared the food properly rather than rushed through it and got the job finished. Common Threads has a unique mission that is vital to a healthier future.

I will truly miss everyone on the Common Threads staff and will cherish all the lessons I have learned from them and I know it will carry me along way when Ienter the professional world.

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