Tuesday, August 3, 2010


by: Kay Kron

First day of camp I led the kids into the kitchen holding my breath. Industrial stoves, a double-door oven, rows of giant, gleaming knives. 20 ten year olds. That moment felt like a strange nightmare where I magically became responsible for not only protecting children from maiming themselves but turning out a delicious meal.
I looked down at the table to a bowl labeled "cardamom." "What are you cardamom?" I whispered. No reply. Class started. As I fumbled with the recipee, trying to speed read and orchestrate simultaneously, Barbra laid her hand on my arm. Looking up at me smiling, she said, "You know Kay, everything's going to be fine." Across the table Jasmine perused the veggies with her small hand. "I can do the onion," she announced, "Chef Lovely showed us how to cut these." Before I knew it the food was ready and the table set. After that my fears dissipated. The kids understand they are being trusted to take serious responsibility. They come together as a team and succeed brilliantly.

I wanted this opportunity so that I was there to teach, to and here I am learning so much.

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